Control upgrade

Fully integrated controls

Renew your control with a fully accessible PLC with remote access and additional diagnostic information

Many control systems from Jenbacher and MWM Deutz are either outdated or not freely accessible and protected. This means that necessary maintenance and efficient use of the CHP is not always possible, and often very expensive and time consuming.

In recent years we have replaced various controllers of MWM and Jenbacher motors at home and abroad with our innovative modern PLC solution. We replace, among other things.

  • MWM TEM and TEM EVO control
  • Jenbacher DI-ANE and DI-ANE XT

All actuators and sensors are fully integrated in the control.

The CHP can be monitored via an app on the telephone or tablet. There is also open software available for the work PC to monitor and adjust various processes.

Our Re-Power control makes it possible to save on maintenance and various heat, CO2 and electricity schemes can be realized.

Our advantages:

  • Start your own engine in a few minutes
  • Remote access via GSM or LAN
  • Less downtime
  • Diagnosis and history
  • No expensive dial-up costs
  • Huge saving of time and costs
  • Control over your own engine
  • Live diagnostic information 24/7 (see picture from Ripper AD)