Biogas measuring equipment - Re-Power

Biogas measuring equipment

Re-Power Multi-Gas Sensor

Measure Methane (CH4), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Sulphur (H2S) Water (H2O) with the Re-Power Multi Gas Sensor

Measure the quality of your biogas in a smart way.

Get more value from the Biogas installation. Measuring is knowing! Make the right process decisions and reduce operating costs. The Re-Power Multigas sensor measures the water, carbon dioxide, sulphur and methane content. This can improve the process and protect the CHP (Biogas Engine).

4-20mA output for full integration into your engine / plant controls

The sensor has compact dimensions and is Ex certified and can be installed directly in the gas pipe.

The Multi-gas sensor is suitable for monitoring biogas from:

  • Digester installations
  • Landfill gas, Water (sewerage) treatment
  • Industry and Municipal waste
  • CHP
  • Active carbon filters.